Naked At Home

When I was 14 I went naked when parents left and sisters and brothers left. I always decided I didn't want go on they outings when family went out because this ws time I can go naked. Did this for a year with out family finding out. I always was in my room naked when family was in front room. One night my mother opened my door I was naked mom told me come out I said get me few sec I'll be out. I walked to family room naked. My mom said why didn't you get dressed first I said I like being naked since you saw me why not everyone. Everyone just staired then I sat down. They asked me why you naked I said I love being naked told my sister you know I do because when you came home I was naked one day. They didn't understand. So I asked is it ok be naked parents said in private place. The next day I was in my room they called me down for dinner I went to dinner table naked I sat down my brother but his head under the table and saw me. Few later min during dinner he blurted out how come he's getting bigger. I got erect while eating dinner dad and mom said its normal. Later in the evening we went to watch tv I sat on the couch 15 min into the show I Got erect again no one said anything I started touching my self no ************ just touching. Till this day I'm naked at home. When my family come vist me and my girlfriend are always naked.
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Sep 10, 2012