My Boyfriends Rules

I am not allowed to wear any clothes at home and I love the feeling it gives me.
At first I was shocked and surprised but after a few days I am loving it.
I love when my boyfriend is watching me and I know he likes what he is looking at.
I love the feeling of dominance (we are not in a D/s relationship) it gives him and having to do all my chores naked in front of him.
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4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

This is my rule for my g/f too, except for when she's cooking where she's allowed an apron (but just apron and nothing else)

Love the idea of you naked all the time! Do you have any trouble keeping warm in the winter months? I'd love to be naked more in the winter, but the house has those nasty drafts, even if the heat is on.

Is he dressed or undressed?

My wife once took to being naked like that, but she told me upfront that she'd stay naked as long as I kept my hands to myself. That put the "shoe on the other foot" so to speak. She kept me so horny I could hardly stand it. Seeing her naked all the time and not being able to reach out and grab her, especially when she'd purposely taunt me by doing something like wash the living room windows in broad daylight.