Love to Do Laundry Naked

I am wondering how many others do their laundry in the buff.  It does have benefits because you can make sure all your clothes are clean for the following week.  I also like to put my running shoes and sports bra and thong panties on and get on the elyptical or the treadmill in the morning.  I sleep nude as well and many days that I don't have to go to the office I spend totally naked. 

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I always do laudry in the buff. It is so comfortable to do everyday tasks naked. I am a nudist. I respect your post but I wonder why you put a sports bra and thong panties o to get on your elipical or treadmill in the morning? You may be comfortable that way but if you do laundry naked why not workout naked too? I hope you will answer me on this.
Your nudist friend,

I just threw everything in the washing machine this morning including what I was wearing.
I am now wearing nothing.

I'll help you with the wash next time

I do my laundry nude as well. However, I have to chuckle about why a nudist would have to do laundry in the first place, I know that the size of my laundry loads go way down when its warm enough to be nude.

I do my laundry, clean my house, cook, paint and whatever elce is needed naked.

In the government housing unit we lived in while I was stationed in Germany, we had a common laundry setup in the ba<x>sement with six washers on one side and six dryers on the other. These were used by the eight apartments in the building. Common practice was that all one's wash would fit into the six machines and all get done in one run. The ladies (most commonly the laundry was done by the ladies while the men were out training or at work) cooperated well with one another in the use of the laundry.<br />
Once when my wife was not feeling well, I went down to move some clothes from one of the washers to one of the dryers and encountered a naked neighbor lady. She acted as if she was a bit embarrassed but realized she had no alternative at the moment but continue what she was doing, so she didn't run and hide and we even visited a few minutes. <br />
She had clothes in one of the dryers and was loading one of the washers. She figured she would wash what she had on and put on some of the clothes that were finishing up in the dryer, so she took her clothes off and put them into the washer with the load she brought down there only to turn around and see me walking in to move my stuff over to a dryer.<br />
She told me that the ladies often do that and this was the first time she'd been caught by someone other than one of the wives from the building.<br />
It makes sense to me why not wash the clothes one has on instead of starting another pile of dirty laundry.

I would like to see your naked photo



I do many things naked aT HOME LAUNDRY AS YOU SAy..Everything! is cleaN IF YOU PUT IT "ALL IN" THE WASH AND STAY NAKED/ TAke a hot shower after if enough hot water or just wait....Maybe have some coffee & caLL in my case..being maLE, A FEMALE FRIEND WHO UNDERSTANDS MY LIKES....SO.. AS WELL NAKED CONVERSATION IS REALY FREEING...WE she aND I DO IT IN PERSON TOO. Her sistyert comes over...we are all in our 50's


U r a fun girl. I grew up in a small town nr the country. I knew people out side of town who had farms and were free to do as they pleased. I never got involved because I was terribly shy. Once in awhile I few of us gotr naked in the woods and played jungle boy but there was no contct. One guy started to jerk off and was talking about it excitedly. We were 14 and his brother showed him how to do it and " this white stuff comes out after awhile." He was all smiles......I tryed it later at home and found out why he was smiling so much..IT FELT GOOD. :) Now30 yrs later? Well I go naked home as much as I can. I'd wash your windows or do the ironing naked if that would help..After Id enjoy sitting at kit. table with coffee and or tea in the nude having a civilized conversation or aany kind of conversation. I also teach life drawing so might suggest you posing for me? Admiring each others body and carriing on a conversation is fun.<br />
<br />
Sitting on the couch talking and relaxing. Where u live sounds nice enough to go outside naked and walk or sit nrby and just relax.. Hard on or limp? would u mind? It is open and comfortable but erotic too. Naked is human and about not wearing clothes and if a man get an erection well it happens..what u do with it is your descion. either smile, look, talk about it or have some fun with it....Also the same rules apply for the woman. she may be flattered that u like her nude and may give off signals she wants some real hands on touching and a release. <br />
<br />
I have masterba___ in front of a woman a few times while we were both naked and sitting nr each other and the 2 girls I did it with started to rub themselves. They were giddy and happy talking about how comendable it was of me to just start doing it in front of her, looking at me closely as I did and rubbing my balls as I pounded away.. till I cam_. another lady I know well walked in 3 separate nights and I was in the kitchen naked when she came in. Knowing she was coming over. Not really a shock but a nice happy smile which pleased me and I was nervous about doing it. So another nght I was in the kitchen leaning against the counter ******* off when I heard her car pull up. She came in and she came up. smilling ear to ear, up close to me to watch me, talked to me about whether I was having fun..She said just watching me was fun for her..hrony infact. she talked then closer and touched my chest and kiss me some rubbing my ***....then after awhile helped me finish. I gave her a massage to afer she asked me to it. Nude, and all the rest til she came. We watched tv with desert till late in the nude next to each other on the couch diddling, smiling and planning more visits.<br />
<br />
She stayed over and did my laundry while we stayed naked.

I also like being nude.and In India the wheather is always hot.So there is no problem.But the problem is about the mentality here.You might have read my story about my exp.<br />
<br />
Now I am afraid to do the exibition.

l like the way they feel when l am running on the treadmill.

Here's what I don't get. I may concede the sports bra for support reasons, but why the thong panties. If you are otherwise naked around the house why add the thong to get on the elliptical? Unless you look really hot in the thong (which I'm sure you do).<BR><BR>As far as the OT, I certainly enjoy being able to walk into the laundry room and leave "all" the laundry there.

gives new meaning ....go get the mail

I gave the UPS man a thrill one day. I was expecting someone else and he just happened to deliver something and I opened the door in my birthday suit .<br />
<br />
Leiza, I have a mailbox but it is approximately 2 miles away from my house. It is a rural address.

I've been known to wander naked through the house from time to time, but not as a general rule. We're in the midsts of a stinking hot summer here and usually I will only go as far as undies. Not often naked.

I understand, fungirlmmm. I an never dressed at home unless there is something going on that requires it. I have even answered the door naked. That has led to some interesting results. It's just that I am a nudest and, apparently, you are too.

wow you live out in the country dont need any cloths till you go several miles to that last road they deliver the mail out there?<br />
i try to stay with as little as i kan but when jack is home i have to dress with more cloths 4 pairs of jeens und 2 or 3 tops ..or he starts chaseing me

LOL funny Aqua.

Perfect for a window cleaning party...should hardly look suspicious. <br />
<br />
I have my rag and cleaner. And since I rarely wear clothes around the house...can I consider your house my house?

i live on a dirt driveway at the end of a road, at the end of a road, at the end of another road that leads to a street that does eventually lead to a highway.

Imagine the traffic jams and streets crowed with people trying to get to your house. '-)

LOL sailor.

Ahh, a gal who knows how to live. Is there any other way?????

Gah..women..always full of themselves..<br />
<br />
I just wanted to see the elyptical and the treadmill... ;P

some day TRW!<br />
<br />
floyd, Certainly, I am not shy lol.

Anything, but only if you are going to show me, what I want to see! ;P

Darling, I wish I could be like you...stupid care agency!

lol sure baby as long as you will take care of cleaning windows and the bathrooms.

May I have the address please??????????<br />
<br />
Please???<br />
<br />