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Neighbor Girl Sees Me Nude

My wife and I are always nude when we are inside our home but always would cover up if someone visited.

Several years ago I was hurt at work and broke my pelvis and elbow on my left side. I could not walk without help for several weeks. The first week my wife was able to take off work to help me but had to go back to work the second week so she asked the nextdoor neighbor to help me.

The girl had graduated from highschool and was taking classes to be a nurse. She is not a very outgoing girl, a little chubby, and from knowing her for a few years we knew she had never had a boyfriend.

My wife had to leave early so by the time Rose came to fix me lunch I really had to go to the bathroom. When she came in the bedroom to tell me she was here to fix me lunch and said "Rose I hate to ask you this but could you help me to the bathroom. I really have to go."

After she said OK and came to the side of the bed to help me I uncovered myself and as she saw I was nude she quickly turned her head away and her face turned red. As I tried to stand up she continued to try to look the other way so I had to tell her that in order for her to help me she had to put her arm behind my back so I could put my arm over her shoulder.

At that point she said "I don't know if I can as I have never seen a man nude before and I'm embarressed." So I told her that if she was going to be a nurse she would have to get used to it to be able to help her patients.

After she managed to help me to the bathroom and back to bed I asked her if she has really never seen a man nude she told me no and has never even seen a picture of a nude man only drawings in her sex-ed books. I reminded her that if she was going to be a nurse she would see men naked so she better get used to it so she could do her work and someday she would get married and want to please her husband.

To my surprise she told me that she was going to be taking biology next semester and asked me if she could get a close look at my penis. I said OK if it will not embarrasse you as she leaned close to my hips and took my now hardening member in her hand. With my penis in her hand and her moving it around to get a good look it soon stood erect and was throbbing at which she said "Oh my god it"s so big. I don't think I could ever have something that big in me."

I then told her that when she got married she could and after she looked at my penis for a few more minutes she then told me thanks and went to fix my lunch. She helped me every day for the next two weeks but only wanted to get a closer look at my penis one more time.  

hammerhead1949 hammerhead1949 61-65, M 8 Responses Mar 5, 2009

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Funny story, thanks for sharing.

i am home nudist an raise my girls that way also
being naked out on my deck grilling dinner having beer is ntoing exciting
i do not get erect seeing daughters naked or other men or women gave HER quite an education......

Sounds fun except for the being hurt and recovering part.

Wasn't too bad. I was only laid up for a couple of weeks with a broken pelvis and elbow

Wonderful story.


<b>let's hope she washed her hands before fixing your lunch!</b><br />
nice story though.

LOL I love this story/experience.