Me and My Boy

I have always been a fan of being naked.  In college I would go running back to my dorm room most lunch periods and I would be partially undressed by the time i got there.  I just feel that clothes are so restrictive.  My body isnt perfect, but above average I'd say.  My previous 2 boyfriends didnt have a problem with it!  I am dating a new guy now, and things are going very well.  We have done the meet the parents thing, and a vacation together, and we are talking future plans.  However, I have noticed that our sex life is dwindling. At first we were having sex all the time!  And i understand that the initial zest in a relationship does even out a bit over time.  But it seems to have happened much quicker this time.  I feel like i am not turning him on anymore, and he made a comment last night that bothered me.  He said that nudity should be something that is saved for more special occasions.  It seems as of lately we only have sex in the mornings, and other times he is now turning me down.  This is something i have never experienced before!  I love being naked!  and i feel comfortable being nearly naked all the time!  But is it ruining the anticipation and mystery behind undressing one another?  This is why i have joined this group.  I need some help.

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Nudity does not have to automatically mean sex.

I do have to agree that it sounds like he is equating nudity with sex. For me, the comment about saving nudity for special occasions would have been the last straw. I love to be naked and would never be able to stay with someone who didn't feel the same. What I'm suggesting may sound as bad to you as it does to me, but this is something I just can't budge on.