Still Naked At Home

I thought I would report again on being without clothing at home.  Like some of the other contributors, my goal is to be naked at home all the time and only have to put on clothes when going out.  My niece used to live with us when she was younger, ages 2 to 9.  However, after we moved farther away we did not spend as much time with her.  Some years ago my niece moved into the same town as us.  My sister is very uptight about nude bodies and I felt like my niece had the same vibes going.  However, since I'm always naked at home, there was always this moment when she came over where I'd be going to put something on.  One day she told me she felt like she wasn't being treated like family.  "It doesn't really bother me, you don't need to get dressed." 

A longtime friend of my wife's also recently moved here and actually lives across the street from us along with her child who is in first grade.  She also told me she didn't care what I was wearing as long as I wasn't bothered.  "I just feel like I'm invading your privacy."  When I explained that I preferred to be nude, she said she couldn't care less.

With these two experiences I could suddenly be nude at home almost all the time -- there are other visitors who also don't care at all.  It has been wonderful to be naked at home and for me has been a very transformative experience.


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2 Responses Mar 26, 2009

I'm always nude at home too but I have to get dressed when other come by. It makes my wife uncomfortable for me to be nude around others.

I understand. I really have no problem being nude in front of anyone -- especially in my own home -- but my wife points out that not everyone thinks nudity is natural. As a result I'm naked in front of people that we know are understanding.

Receiving encouragement and support from other persons is an additional helpful element relating to our enjoyment of nudity!