Why Bother ???

Why bother wearing clothes at home?  It is silly, useless and just makes more laundry and higher bills.  It makes no sense if you are going to be home all weekend or all day to wake up, shower and get all dressed up to go no where.  In our home all of us wake, shower and we go buck naked and it feels good !!!  We are avid nudist and proud to go naked and never dress for anyone who may come to our home.  We used to live in the big city but moved way out to the country and bought 45 acres of nice land and built our home right in the middle.  It is quite nice to be able to walk out the front door of your home completely naked and not care or worry about who might see you and being so far out quite frankly we don't care if anyone can see us.  We do have hunters who cross our land both male and female and no one has ever cared that we are outside naked and many stop to chat and have become friends we see each season.  We have a hot and cold running shower out at our pool and showering indoors when it is warm has become a thing of the past. 


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I agree with you! :) I also live on some acreage and enjoy going outside when I can in the buff! :)

"It makes no sense if you are going to be home all weekend or all day to wake up, shower and get all dressed up to go no where." My sentiments exactly :)

When i get home I ***** off all my cloths and don't put any on unless i have to go out.I haven't had any friends over yet. But i would like the freedom to go to the door naked no matter who it is.It's such a great feeling to be naked.Would like to meet others around me that enjoy being naked.

We only dress for protection or to go somewhere like work or shopping. We no longer get dressed just because we have guest. That stopped when my in-laws stopped by one afternoon and say my wife tanning on her raft nude and me swimming. Once they didn't have a problem with it we figured no one else is more important to not offend and they weren't offended.<br />
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But mother in law did ask my wife why she shaved her *****. My wife told her that she liked the feeling and that it felt better shaved and that she also loved the way it looks. Her mom did say it looked better shaved and didn't look as offensive but it did reveal too much of her privates.

I truly think sweats were designed for nudist. You can shuck them on and go buck naked under them and it feels good. Easy on - Easy off and add a pair of flip flops and you are good to go.

Why bother wearing clothes at home? Well it's kind of cold here up north and heating bills can get expensive, but I'm nude as often as possible. Often I resort to a robe or sweats at home to ward off a chill this time of year. Sure am glad spring and warmer weather is getting closer and I'll be able to chuck the clothes at home all the time. Opportunities for nude outdoor time at home are extremely limited however, 45 acres in the middle of nowhere sounds like heaven.