Naked Me

I am always naked and have been for many years .I try to spend as little of my life clothed as I can .I have never liked clothes .I was told from a young age I refused to keep my clothes on and when ever I had clothes put on me it wasnt long before they were off again .I think the longest I was clothed was when I was in school .The minute I got home off they came in a heap on my bedroom floor .As I got older my parents gave up trying to keep clothes on me and everyone just accepted that if I was around I was probably naked .
My friends all accepted that it was just part of me and up to this day I have textile friends that just accept me for what I am ,not that they get much choice .
beastman111 beastman111
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Nice. A breath of fresh air. Good for you. I am not as bold but am trying. Thank you for your honesty.