On My Computer

      I'm on my computer pretty much all day. I like to look at facebook. I also am writing a story on my computer. I also liek to listen to music onmy computer. Whats nice is being able to catch up on some oof th eshows that I like to watch. So, that i don't miss a thing at all. I know that I shouldn't spend  that much time on my computer. Its not healthy at all.
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22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Addicted. Majorly, but I love rp! Gotta rp and watch movies, and hang out on SL and everything! May not be healthy, but neither is a lot of other junk people do! So... blah.

same here. I think its like this great escape you can go into your own lil perfect world of just your taste of things and find out answers to anything or even simple things like if your in the mood for something you buy it or order it almost like a world you can control how everything goes. block if not happy with a person and so on like your own universe..lol I state at the pc even watch movies and im noticing the more i sit in front of the pc the less i relate to real people. its not healthy at all. just like anything i supose this is addictive too.

Yeah I do exactly the same thing. It really isn't healthy and I know I should be doing other things with my time , but I love my computer. XD