I Feel Alone Without It.

        The computer allows me to communicate with different kinds of people and since I am an only child and there's only my mom at home. My mom and I seldom talk cause I have nothing to say. She will just flood me with stupid criticisms rather than laugh at the fun I am having everyday. So my computer is open 24/7 except if I have to hang out with some friends or take a long walk. I think this is not an addiction cause you're communicating your thoughts to the world. My computer is my home buddy. I call it my e-husband cause when I wake up it is the first one I greet a good morning then the people in the internet. It keeps me company when I'm lonely cause just talking with the people here on EP is an anti-stressor. But I am not disconnected with the real world, I still have connections with my off-the-net friends. This is just to meet more people and not to live in a virtual realm so I think there is nothing wrong with always being on the computer if you know that you still have a life outside the virtual world.
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Jul 14, 2011