I Love Pretending I Have No Physical Mass.

Being on the computer is like floating in water for me, like being weightless. Its comforting! Seem in the physical world I live with a very self involved couple. my life is either boring or too intense, but rarely is it just fun. I like to pretend it isnt there. Besides, as a digital artist Most of my life will be spent on a PC whether I like it or not.

Am I justified in my want to punch the next person who says I'm 'Addicted to the internet/computer/graphic tablet'?
causticstorm causticstorm
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2 Responses Aug 20, 2007

Interesting metaphor. Too cool.

The absence of mass! Very cool, I think. As if the projection of personality and perspective into the electronic space brought about it a shedding of the physical form, almost. Especially as artists frequently have an extension of their senses into their tools.<br />
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I remain unclear how this relates to your desire to punch other users though?<br />
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We could always test it:<br />
<br />
I'm addicted to the internet.<br />
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