What Ever Happened To The Ugly Duckling?

So? What happened to the Ugly Duckling? Or maybe I should say what happens to the Ugly Duckling? I'm no swan! Not in personalty, or in looks. When I think that I find a close friend, somehow within a few weeks I am on the outside looking in, again.  It's the same with my family. I'm the red-head, I'm the little sister with the long legs and big boobs, but why do I always feel so ugly when I am compared to my family? I am the youngest of a family of seven, so when we go places guess who is left out? My parents walk together, my two older brothers walk together, and my two older sisters walk together. Hum... Where does this leave me? That's right, alone, on the outside with no one. Even with my school friends, I do one thing wrong, and they hate me. It's so hard to be myself around anyone for the fear of becoming the outsider, again.

redupp redupp
13-15, F
Mar 11, 2010