It's Just Who I Am.

While I have a fair few girlfriends I find I get along with men a lot better. Females tend to **** me. I also like a lot of guy stuff so it's easier just to be "one of the guys" then to be someone I am not and be "one of the girls".
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The innate human proclivity to want the unattainable - simply because it is unattainable.

I am both as well...women can be, what's the word...catty. But I work with mostly guys...and right now one of them has a crush on is kind of weird. They know I like women, I think it turns them on.

I am quite like that myself.. I have 3 guy friends who mean the world to me. They're like family to me and i'd be lost without them. But sometimes wish I had a girl-friend.. just to vent my sudden bursts of girliness to without losing my well earned guy-cred from the lads. But my relationship with my only female friend is deteriorating slowly but very surely and I cannot talk to her about anything anymore. <br />
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I'm very happy that you're happy with you're "I'm one of the guys"-ness.. I find females to be much more difficult.. and males also make much better freinds too. in my experiences anyway!<br />
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Males are also extremely caring and senstitive, while females tend to be bitchy and cold a lot of the time.<br />
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You're lucky that you have the best of both worlds. Best of luck! =]