Why Am I Always Right?

I am always right because god created me that way, perfect, sweet, adorable, cute and lovely in every possible way. 

Anyway I cant help it if everyone else is always wrong, they should learn...

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22-25, M
8 Responses Apr 4, 2008

OMG your so funny wow i thought i would never know a man that would be like a girl in his thinking . means that you are thinking your great and never wrong when you think. thats pretty funny. Good lucky in your Future.

Sorry but you were just wrong there though about me being young or foolish... Thus I have to doubt the validity of your claim

young and foolish because I have been right longer lol

Cool maybe I should start a, I think I am great group thingie??? :)

You are most welcome. LOL.

Thanks :)<br />
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Appreciate your support :)

HI your great LMAO>

All that and more... :p