I Always Feel Like I'm The Last Thing On People's Minds.

All though out high school I've had this feeling. It probably started around the time I joined Facebook with all of my friends. I saw how many different great things people were doing together, but was sad because I was never invited. One thing that always annoyed me was something so small. I disliked how I would put something interesting, insightful, or funny as my status but no one would say anything or like it. But I would look at one of my friends statuses "I like pie :D" and it would have so many comments and likes. Truly when someone is noticing this, they have hit a new level of pathetic. I spent nearly every weekend alone in my room, trying to occupy myself but I was constantly checking Facebook and Gmail hoping for someone to contact me. While in school I was told I was very kind, and I always made people laugh, I thought I was a pretty like able guy. But here I am 4 years later, just graduated and I've spent nearly everyday this summer in my house, not even a single phone call. Eventually one day I decided to tell one of my friends this, how I was feeling. "Quit feeling sorry for yourself, its pathetic." "There are two kinds of people in this world, people who make the things they want happen, and people who whine about not getting what they want." "If you want to do things, then do them." All very unhelpful comments that made me wish I would have just wallowed alone in the dark and kept my mouth shut. I can't help but ask myself "Is this how I'm going to spend the rest of my life? The next 40, 50, or maybe 60 years like this?" because I'm really getting sick of it. I've never wanted family, its too hard to get along with those alcoholics addicts after all.
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Hi..am I too late to give you some insight or share my experience? I once be in that place. The feeling of emptiness, and loneliness have built up for so long that I started to hate myself for not taking action before its too late.
I skipped classes on college, and I dropped out at the end. That was like my rock bottom. I was so depressed but I couldn't talk to anyone. Then I watched a news about a girl who commited suicide. And I don't wanna be that girl, so I seek help, I start my research, read books and articles on how to make me feel better about myself. I work out, I dressed up nicely and appropriately, I go outside and make friends. Here I am 2 years,happily married and have my son happy and healthy. I hope you found your happiness :)

im like u too i wonder im nice to pepole but they r not they tret me bad some time even in love im un lucky what should i do?

Thank you for sharing my experience. I am also unlucky in love, therefor I am sorry I cannot answer "what should I do?". I only know that always stay true to who you are, ask for better things for yourself to gain self confidence, and even if times are lonely, never use another person to feel better. Please find an answer, and when you do tell me it.

This sounds exactly like me. My friends just don't care about me or remember I exist. I'm very lonely because no-one ever calls me. Yet I always contact them to make sure everyone's okay. I'm tired of it tbh. If I could leave the country I'd do it in an instant, I used to think that I couldn't leave my friends, that they wouldn't like it etc but they couldn't give a toss. I'm going to do what makes ME happy now.

:( sounds like what i'm going through. Keep your head up, go on a vacation where you will be able to meet new people easily or if you decide college, try that. I agree though, all those comments aren't helpful and I hear it from my friends too.

First of all, it's not your fault. From what I can tell, your friends from high school are inconsiderate a-holes (like most people in this world unfortunately). That being said, their opinions shouldn't matter that much. At the end of the day you're going to be alone and unless you learn to be happy with yourself you will always look for acceptance and reassurance from outside parties. Yes your life will always be like this until you realize you don't need anyone else. Face it, there's nothing they can do for you that you can't do for yourself. Until you're comfortable being alone, you will be forced to be. Once YOU realize that you're fine and maybe even pretty awesome just the way you are, no one else will either.

I know how you feel Im always the last person people want to hang out with so I will just sit in my room alone everyday and my dad or grandma will always ask whats wronge my responce is nothing :( and at school I will have a friend and they never say hi they just look at me and they give me a little less than half of a smile my entire life since ive started kindergarden its been that way:( i dont like my life at all :( well i hope it goes better for you

It's not a case of waiting for someone to contact you, but you taking the initiative to start a conversation. I feel the same way. Like, I have friends, I hang out with them, but they never seem to invite me to hang out somewhere, or drink or whatever.<br />
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What you, or we, have to do is just find some means to get back with them. Iono. IM them, tag them in a stat saying "I miss hanging out with y'all" <br />
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Other than that, maybe you ought to focus on your current friends. It's not really healthy to wallow in your past all the time. You've got friend now, I guess. Go uh. Strengthen your ties with them, and hopefully they'll last longer than your high school friends.<br />
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And like you said, don't be too hard on yourself. There's about a hundred billion people in the world. I don't see how statistics, numbers or ratios would keep you from finding someone to be close with. There's bound to be people for you, or that special someone for you, out there. You just haven't found them yet. :)