Breaking Point

i have been struggling with depression since i was 20, i'm now 30.  i have tried drugs and diets to try and balance my moods...but in the end i always seem to have a breaking point.
i am currently married...happily...but one conversation can ruin me and my whole world falls apart.  i can't stop thinking that i'm not enough, that i'm too bitchy or too demanding...and that one day my behavior is going to cause me to lose the man i love.
my husdand tells me he loves me, he tries his best to support me, but in the end i push him away and believe that the best thing i can do to keep him happy is to be alone.  i hate this feeling, i want to feel like me again and it's killing me.
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26-30, F
1 Response Jul 30, 2010

Your husband surely and deeply cares for you, you shouldn't push away people that are the most you needed at that time you should not face problems on depression on your own . You have a husband you and him are committed to one another is being part of your life. Try to open up let your heart to open up to your husband ... Don't push him away dear, he is the one who can truly help you even in the darkest moments of your life remember you will be having a big happy family soon be sure to handle problems with your loving husband .. Loves and hugs for you dear