That's It.

I think the topic of this group speaks for itself. No one understands me.
Blipp Blipp
22-25, F
4 Responses Apr 1, 2007

I feel the exact same way you do! Like no one will ever understand me...ever.

I agree with Jordanne, you need to talk with someone, anyone. When you feel this way it helps to talk with someone who will listen they may not have an answer, but a listening ear should help. The last reply was in April, how are you feeling as of now?

That was the way I felt growing up but looking back now I realized because of it I was not other people but my own self and a part from others which made me more independent and self reliant. Actually it makes you stronger and a surviver. Use this as your strengths and people will begin to admire you and people will be drawn to you.

maybe if you talk to someone that feels the same way,it will probly shine some light through the dark gray clouds.