My Life

When i was three my dad was gun down and my mom did not want to be around me and my brothers so growing before i could start school my grandma would watch us and my cousins while our parents were at school and work. When my mom would get home it would be late in the night. when i started school i was the kid in the class that rarly talked and i did this from kinder all the til the 12th. During the school years i never really had friends i just hung out with classmates during school hours but after school i would not be with them. I always wanted to play baseball cause i know my dad thought my other two brother how to play and coached their teams but my mom never let cause she told me i wouldnt have a feel for the game and i would basically suck at it. when i was in my early teens wanting to learn how to drive after seeing my brother(2 years older) get to learn from my mom. when my time came she just blow me off like how she does. I wonder the cause of my sadness and lonelyness is caused by the lack of love and being forgotton and neglected
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Jan 9, 2013