How Do I Get Over This Low

I am a mother for 4 boys, and i stay at home, i was divorced 3 years ago, as my partner cheated on me. I am now in another realtionship, and i fear he is cheating on him. I have no trust in anyone whatsover, thats my problem, and i cant seem to get it out my head. i stay at home and do the house hold work, but i get so very lonely and always feel sad, as this is not the life i want. i have 4 gorgoues kids to look after, and i love my kids, but in a house full of people, i feel alone. has anyone got any suggestions for me.
hdygan hdygan
36-40, F
1 Response Aug 20, 2007

Just keep being with the people u love and slowly keep trying to open ur heart and then u will star to trust as long as u are Doing the best u can and mabey talk to someone u love about it then make sure u tell him that ur scard then do it with him tell he crys for u to stop