Just Feeling So Blue And Dont Know Why!!!

I am a 41 year old female who is just always feeling so alone and distant from others. I just sit and cry for nothing. I feel so guilty because I am healthy and have a great family, so why do I feel like this. I dont share it with anyone except my boyfriend who tells me to stop it...good help!! I would like some insight into how I can get out of this hole that I am in....

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You have a common problem, many have. your guy friend sounds as he has no pro. other than yours, remember you are your best friend. Do you want your Kids to be like, no you dont. so wake up every day with something new in mind, push ourself in new ways dream as you did when you were a kid and come back to the one you know you can be.......

i can't help you but to tell you that you are not alone in these feelings

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hi there, I get theses feelings its called depression! Best to go see someone and get it sorted! Loads of people just don't understand and tell you to pull yourself together; impossible if only they knew!!!!! We would if we could thats for sure; Sometimes these feelings pass but if they dont then take the first step and go and see you doc, ok? Hope this helps just a little bit , I am always about if you need to talk. x

hi i know excatly how u feel. i am 24 and feel so shut off from people and dont know why i always feel like this. i do hope this will go away.