Im Nowhere Near Perfect

I Know i have made allot of mistakes in my life, allot of them i wish i could change. I been on drugs smoked weed, took pills, extasy, did powder, then tried crack. worst thing is was that i liked it but right now im not on anything just simple young me trying to better myself. I feel alone all the time on the inside when i know im not i got a wonderful bf who would do anything in the world for me, or so i think anyway. i don't know how to say allot things or to put them into words generally speaking. I feel like sometimes i just wanna end it all for me,put myself under 6 ft. im a disappointment to my mother. she dont know that i smoked crack though, she cant know. She dont know ive prostituted myself for money and drugs allot of times. i just dont know how to deal with stuff allot of time
dawn1990 dawn1990
Jul 22, 2010