Yeah, Regrets And Failure Are My Life

Regrets: Not accepting the best person in the worlds freisndship earlier when i had the chance. All of the things that i ahve missed out on for basically no reason. Being mean to people that were only trying to help me and be nice and be my friend.
Failiures: Everything i try i fail at. Im not good at school and im not good at sports. I have tried countless times to stop cutting myslef but i keep failing and going back to it.
There are so much more but i dont feel like typing it out right now. maybe ill edit this later and add the rest.
lolajonson lolajonson
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 21, 2011

You're around the same age as me, i don't know if its just growing up beacuse they are a lof of people who feel the same as we do. I feel the same, whenever someone attempts to get close i shut them out without even knowing and regret it later. I'm still not coping with alot of things, but what i do is try not to think about it and think about good things instead. As for school and sports i'm the same but people are different i'm sure theres something that you are really good at. And i know self harming can help with the pain, but you rely on it then you cant go back instead whenever you try to cut do something else i go boxing or exercising to drown it out, it really helps. I hope this helps a little.