Home Is Chaos.

Family is always something i craved. Even though i was lucky enough to have a step dad a mom a brother and a sister there was so much void and anger to enjoy it, my real dad is in prison for robbing a bank when i was young, before that my dad let his 14 year old nabor take advantage of 8 year old me. i was scared and let it go on until i was 10 thinking i was a sinful child and that it was my fault that it was happening. My biological father has just gotten out of prison and is in a half way house... im ready to see him but im not going to be able to ask him why...Because he was using for a long time. Meth heroin. Everything you can imagine. Im now 18 and live with my boyfriend because my brother was too physically abusive to live with. Im happy im in a better enviorment but i just cant seem to wrap my head around the fact that i missing something in my life. Not sure what but whatever it is its keeping my really down. Imconsistently angry about nothing and very sensitive and sad. 
Maganmccurdy Maganmccurdy
May 21, 2012