Really Not Used To It

the new job i have is a waitress at a little mom an pop type of dinner most of the people are regulars an set an drink coffee all day. Its so weird all day im getting hit on or told im hot by men an im totallly not used to it. I have always been the friend of the hot girl lol every time i had a crush they would pick one of my friends i have never been the girl they chase after. since i have got a little older an married all the sudden im hot? im not getting this i have looked the same since I was 16 ive been same height,weight, basically the same. i think its just the fact that im taken now.
Zoie420 Zoie420
18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 6, 2012

i think your were always attractive , you just wasn't so confident back then

That and maybe you look a little more worldly wise? More... talented?