I Don't Think I'm Unattractive Per-say..

I just have a hard time taking people seriously when they call me pretty, beautiful, or especially sexy. When I was growing up, I heard alot of fat comments from my family. Also some from peers, but I wast bullied in school, I just was so self conscience I wouldn't talk to anybody. I've defiantly outgrown being the shy little girl though, I am not shy or as shy as I used to be. But even though I can now lookin the mirror and say "autumn you look beautiful today", I still have a hard time hearing it from other people. I telling myself is one thing because I'm myself I have to tell myself I'm pretty lol but when others do it sometimes I feel like they just say it to make me feel better. Idk..
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3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

i think you are just a bit modest :P

If your profile photo is anything to go by then yes you are extremely good looking. Take all the compliments you can get and enjoy them

i was bullied also when i was younger, i have a tough time looking at myself in mirror