Oh boy, dont even get me started. I have just never been one of those girls that was all like "girl I'm fabulous!" Nope, I'm the one in the corner saying nothing because I will never see a day where I can look in the mirror and find beauty. You guys, I would really like it if you got an eye exam if you actually think I'm pretty or whatever.
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Your so beautiful though!!

I am not big bro

Yes you are!!

Thanks big bro

but you are attractive
are you sure you are only15?

I am not, but thanks I guess.
I'm 14, yes, for real. Why?

Well, pretty is as pretty does, and even when i was your age, it wasnt the "pretty" girls i was attracted to anyway, "cute" beats pretty to death with a pipe wrench any day of the week, i always liked the cute nerdy chick who was smart, and fun, who actually had feelings, who liked comic books, horror movies, cartoons, video games, and junk food, a cute girl with a deep soul is more beautiful then a pretty girl with a dark, muddy, swamp for a soul, and a blank dry erase board for a brain. Pretty is temporary, cute is a lifelong attribute, you seem like a cute dark, complicated, intelligent girl, go with that, you are who youre supposed to be, screw everybody else.

I guess I need an eye exam!:)

I think your a stunning girl

Or you could just be a self-depreciating white girl that wants to feel good about herself. That's just my take on it most of the time, because the ones who make this claim are 90% of the time, actually attractive.

Trust me, I'm not seeking attention or anything like that, I will just never be pretty

Your negativity on the topic makes me sad. I never thought of myself as attractive until I met my girlfriend.

There's a saying.
"With Instagram filters, everybody is beautiful."

I wish filters were never created. Seriously. They are giving people false confidence and covering up their "flaws."

I dont need filters to look beautiful because I will never be

You hush your face. You're attractive.

I can say what I please, its called freedom of speech, first amendment

I'm familiar with the amendments. However, if you want to continue being negative, go ahead. It's only going to make you less enjoyable to be around. That's just my two cents though. It's not like my opinion holds any value whatsoever.

I don't think you will believe me, but I honestly think you are really pretty. :)

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