I apparently have little to no immune system. Awesome. So everyone I come in contact with is like a cesspool of germs and contagions that I will most likely get. Which explains why I am always sick. My doctor says it's because I lack proper nutrition and daily exercise, and am sleep deprived. But even when I do sleep well, run daily, and eat well... I still get sick. And just as often. I mean it's one thing to get a cold and the flu occasionally. But I freaking get stupid stuff like this ear infection and chest infection at the same time and right when I start getting better something else starts up. I mean seriously, what the heck?
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I take a bunch of different vitamins every day...I've not been sick in a few years...just cause you eat healthy doesn't mean your getting the nutrients needed to boost your immune system...here is some of the things j take...now because I'm a guy my vitamins would differ then what a woman may need.

Centrum multi vitamin
Vitamin b6 and b12
Vitamin c
Fish oil
Vitamin d

You won't feel better after days, but you will after about a month...at least in my experience...make sure you Google it before taking anything and make sure its right for your body...hope this helps

Haha while I appreciate this, I can't take vitamins. They make me sick. Strange as that sounds. So I have a strict diet that insures I get the nutrition I need. Thanks for your suggestions though! I just have a crap immune system. They still haven't figured out why. (shrugs)

Sorry hun was hoping I could help...all of these vitamins are found in foods though ..'...example

Potassium - bananas and potatoes are high in this
Vitamin c...well I don't need to tell you...but fruits
Etc etc

Haha thanks anyway. I know. It's why I have the diet I have. But even with all that I just get sick. It's a conundrum.