Bi Guy, Forever Alone?

I'm kinda glad I saw this....maybe I don't 100% fit in because I go both ways, but I certainly fit into the friend group. It doesn't mater if it's with a guy or a girl I'm always just the best friend, people pour their heart out to me and I support them when there is no one else for them....I don't want to sleep with all of my friends, but this even happens to new girls or guys I have just met. I will go out with them and they tell me I just have " An aura" that hey can tell I am a nice person and will bare their soul to me...sometimes I even do so in return which always leads to friendship.

Is there something wrong with me?...I'm decent looking, confident, popular, voted nicest guy on my college campus, I do community service, lead the anti bullying group on campus and a lot of people love me...I can walk up to any group and sit down at a table and have friends....Maybe I'm too sensitive or boring ...I'm the kind of guy who writes poetry and would rather cuddle all day with someone then watch football or go to a club...I'm not really feminine though, I talk like a guy, walk like a guy, go to the gym....The part that bothers me...especially with the girls I like is that they won't even set me up on a date with one of their friends, knowing full well that I go both ways and prefer girls most of the time....they will come to me and ask if I know any guys for their friend.

Am I missing something? Like is there some kind gene or aura, or look that I am missing and people just do not see me as an option for a lover...I'm 23 now...and I've never really had a relationship that lasted....even the last two people I dated broke up with me because they said they didn't think I was boyfriend material and they wanted to break it off soon cause they valued my friendship so much that they didn't want to lose it by having me get hurt....too late =(
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Dec 6, 2012