Trying to Overcome

I complained for a long time, and then realized one day that there wasn't anyone I was super hung up about who I would WANT to date. So then I thought I should just go on casual dates, no expectations, just go out and have fun, but then that didn't really happen because the very act of asking someone out is either a date, or you're just inviting yourself into something they would be doing anyway. Or maybe my whole thinking about it is twisted out of proportion. I just have so many friends who seem to have long term, normal relationships and I have never had a good one that lasted.
HairyDood HairyDood
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1 Response Jan 18, 2007

I feel you. I'm currently in a "friend" relationship now and its really awkward... its the first one that I've had and its a bit awkward on both sides... its lasted about 7 months and you kinda have to walk the line between emmotional detatchment and physical desire... if you are looking to date around and still want the emmotional attatchment then your setting yourself up for a world if pain... I tried it and it was absolutely aweful :P Good for a while though