Experience Project.

I respect EP's concept. This is one of place where we can experience the people and their attitudes and many more. This environment is not like wasting time in the internet. This is the environment where we learn something or teach something all over the word about our so called life experiences. Any thing can be helpful for some one who like live life and with its nature.
To me i experienced people when i talk to them when i see there habitat i try to understand them, some times i forget this is cyber space when i become serious with people. But im glad with my exploration i got in here.
Having big circle is not my target but its really nice having great conversation, may be with only one person who u really care and trust. Also answering questions and asking questions have good kind of psychological importance.
Therefore im saying "Have EP's value" do not waste it for nothing.
xvampirex xvampirex
31-35, M
2 Responses Sep 26, 2012

I love that you see it like that! I completely agree with you!

Well said, I agree! It's a great way to openly communicate and connect with others over shared interest.