But Is It Really Enough

i am always there for my friends...but i have found that they aren't there for me...especially now when everything is going wrong and when i just need a hug and a shoulder or a smile from someone who i care about it never happens....so is it really worth it?

OceanicDebris OceanicDebris
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3 Responses Mar 24, 2009

You can't you friends but you should always keep bieng there. It is what make you wonderfully you!! Some people just have a hard time showing their support.

those people whom you were there for may not be the people who will be there for you, but im pretty sure they remember you in their hearts and their minds. <br />
<br />
i may be asking "where are my friends when i need them the most?" but im pretty sure something or someone will come.. im trying to be positive amidst boredom and hopelessness. i missed my friends a lot

It is only worth it if you are there for others because you want to be not because you wish something in return. It's hard to be a giver, but how miserable those must be who simply have nothing to give.