I have been thinking about my future a lot more lately and right now, hear is what I have plan out.

• Graduate high school

• Spend a year and 6 months at home to make up for lost time with friends, family and loved ones (especially my fiancée)

• Go join and serve in the US Navy for 3 years (it will give me the training, help me get my life more organized, keep me physically fit and give me great experiences to last a life time)

• Come home with the money I earned from serving in the navy and lease or put a down payment on a condo and move in with my fiancée

• Pursuit a career in local law enforcement or in CBSA (CBSA = Canada Border Services Agency. It's Canada's TSA)

• work on getting married a year after coming home from the navy.

• enjoy life for the next few years and see what the future holds (maybe the possibility of raising a family)

And that's basically my plan for what I want to do with my life :) and hopefully in the end it works out, I don't expect it to go 100% smoothly but hopefully it can go a smoothly as possible :) and I think it's a great plan :) but what do you think? If you have any ideas or comments let me know
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Aug 20, 2014