I Think Too Much

i've come to realise i am always doing 2 things at once, it's as if one thing at a time just isn't enough!
But it's not good because then one or the other doesnt get done properly.
I'm always half listening, or clumsy. But only because i'm never focused on the matter at hand!
Also it affects how you have fun...you never completely let go and have fun cuz your always thinking!!!!
corsachick corsachick
1 Response Aug 6, 2010

I know that feeling all too well - but sometimes it's brought on by ourselves subconsciously (which is unfortunate!).<br />
<br />
With so much competition in the world (business wise, love wise, etc), we find ourselves always in "compete-mode" for lack of a better term.<br />
<br />
Hopefully one day we can separate life from our "other life" and enjoy the time that we are on this ball called the globe.