Think I Think Far To Much What Do Think ???

why do i think that i think i know wat others are thinking ,,,
i think i think all the time about stuff that means nothing or to think dont make seance ,,, now i think i am mad for writing this i bet you think i have a screw lose or you think im a few sandwiches short of a picnic or even a few beers short of a six pack .

why do i think about the pass so much why do i think of the stuff that as gone wrong why do i think i wished i done something else in stead
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1 Response Mar 5, 2012

regrets maybe? I use to think - all.the.time., thought about the past, how I was wronged by family,friends... etc. How my life would have been different if this had happened. But I realized I wasn't helping myself doing this, a friend suggested that I start keeping a journal to write down my thoughts, so i can "remove" them from my mind. And you know what? It actually helped, the stuff i wrote down I don't even think about anymore. you could give this a try

I have journa to its very large I use tospend alot time with my pen