Often I heard people say that the most important thing in life is love.
Others say it's all about sex.
Another one says it's all about family.
This got me thinking.

What if you don't want to love anyone? Or can't find the right person to love? Does that mean they don't have that one thing that makes life so special?

What about people who aren't interested in sex? Who don't feel the need to have sex to feel alive? Does that mean they don't live life to the fullest?

What about the people who don't have any family? Who might have lost them or who grew up as an orphan? Does it mean they miss out on life because they don't have any family?

Life isn't all about love, sex or family.
It's about happiness.
Doing what makes you happy.

I'm sick of all these movies telling you love is the most important thing.
Perverted men saying sex is all that life is about.
Or others claiming family is so important.
Those things are only the most important thing in life to those people.

If it makes you happy, that is still good.
But I know that those three don't make me happy.
What makes me happy is a day that went well without any problems, people who make me laugh so much my stomach hurts and a stranger randomly smiling at me.

There is more to life than just sex, love and money.
Just look around you, and you'll see.
That one special thing that makes you happy.

Look around you, and find your own happiness.
CactusHugger CactusHugger
3 Responses Aug 21, 2014

That was amazing to read I've been in a low place and it sounds like one of the questions/answers I would think about at night

A ******* men

Been happy with your life is most important thing.
Be a peace with your world.