Today had made me a wreck.
No wonder I felt so strange yesterday.
Because of all the things that happened today.

I found out I am allergic to the kind of steel they use when you get a piercing.
I got a piercing in my ear last week, and yesterday it was all red, big and swollen.
So just to be on the save side, we went to a tattoo shop nearby to let them have a look at it.

Sadly my ear was a unusually reaction.
When they took a closer look, they told us to go see a doctor to get it removed.
After I walked out of the shop I cried.
Not only because it had cost me a lot of money, but also because that piercing stood for something.

It was a reward for myself, that I have made it succesfully through the past year.
That I overcame some fears, and got further in life.
So for this to happen, I was devistated.
The doctor removed it, with hurt three times as much as getting it pierced.

Plus I got a really ****** message back from the shop that pierced me.
They said it must have been my own fault, and I should have come back to them so they could put in another piercing.
Like it would be smart to stick a piercing in a hole that caused my whole ear to turn red and swollen!
Seriously, **** them.
I can't help my body's reaction, since I'm not that familiar with piercings yet.
So I'm still pondering on calling them out on their **** and wanting my money back or to just let it go.

At least right now my ear is not that swollen anymore, which makes me glad.
And now I'm thinking about all of this.
It also didn't help that I was on my period, the waterworks were twice as hard to hold in today.
But my mom told me I had all the reason to cry.

I'm glad my ear is getting better now, but I'm also sad that the piercing was the cause of this.
And that the people at the shop were suck jerks.
I guess I'm cursed?
Since I already had a nose piercing once, but after a few month's I got a cold and took the piercing out.
Then it got infected.
So I'm just very unlucky.

Next time I'll buy myself a nice ring and make it customized to fit my finger perfectly.
That wouldn't even cost as much as my ear piercing did.
Oh well.
CactusHugger CactusHugger
Aug 22, 2014