Worn Out

It really scares me to some point. I feel completely worn out, like all the life has been sucked out of me. I feel like a zombie, and just want to sleep the whole day. Feels like I've been working non stop. I hope it's just a period or smth.
TheLostPoet TheLostPoet 18-21, F 3 Responses Jun 9, 2010

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trust me i know what you mean - i have so many days where im always tired - even if i get the proper amount of sleep i am still tired when i wake up - even after hours of being awake i am still tired - but there is nothing wrong with me

Me too, I sleep 11 hours or so on the days I have to get up for work (even then, I'm dragging myself out of bed) and maybe 14 or so when I don't have to be some where mandatory; and even on those days I'll lay in bed all day if I can. <br />
The sadder part is, I actually have had multiple check ups. I don't eat much meat, but they say I have plenty of iron, my thyroid is fine, I'm not overweight, and I'm basically all-around physically healthy.<br />
This upsets me, lol. <br />
Then there's the mental aspect of it all-- Am I depressed? Anxiety, Stress?<br />
Well, I've tried multiple medications for depression until I finally gave up. I've tried therapy, had psychiatric evaluations. I'm not really that depressed anymore, just depressed at the fact that I never have any energy, and am currently on a low-grade dose of xanex for anxiety. <br />
SO... does this just mean I'm lazy, or maybe my environment is just too unstimulated. I work 40-48 hours a week at a hotel where I am constantly confined in a small quiet space, alone, (where I'm at now); and since I sleep so much, my life consists of nothing but work. <br />
And I am 19 years old. <br />
What I'm betting is that people sleep more when they don't have a self-motivated reason to want to wake up. I for sure don't. <br />
If it isn't something medical, it may just be that you're bored with life and need something to look forward to. Good luck, I'm trying very hard myself... <br />
I understand though, that finding exciting things in life is the least of your worries when it takes all you can to just get out of bed.

i totally know where you're coming from. have you had a full check up? it couldn't hurt. in my case, being diabetic and working nights doesn't help