Chronic Fatigue Syndrome??

What the heck does that mean anyway?? I went to the doc, told her I'm always tired and fatigued, so she asked me to do some lab tests. It turned out I have nothing, no anemia or any rare level in my body. So she just said: "you may have CFS" and I was like : "wooot????", so she wasn't much of a help, cause she just said: "you need vacations, get away from stress". But right now I'm on holidays and I'm dead tired all day long. I cant go upstairs without dying a little when I get up. There are times that I cant remain standing, I have the urge to sit down or I feel I'll faint. When I finish eating I always get sleepy...

Is that dangerous? what causes it? how can I treat it?
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You may just be dehydrated. Try drinking more!

what about celiacs google it

I know how you feel, I'm always tired no matter how much rest I get and it really interferes with my life in so many ways. When you said you get tired after eating though, I had the same thing and it turned out I have a wheat sensitivity. You don't have to be full blown coeliac to have a reaction to it. I used to almost pass out half way through meals! It's something that you can develop over your lifetime too. I find cutting out wheat ( there are plenty of alternatives) and light meals (minimising stodgy greasy) really helps. :)

It could be depression. Depression sucks the life out of you and takes away your energy. I've suffered from it and have felt exactly like you describe. I would get winded by just doing simple daily activities like grooming and making myself something to eat. I felt completely overwhelmed because I couldn't keep up with things and my legs felt like they had weights on them. I still suffer from depression sometimes. It's an ongoing battle but at least I know what makes me so tired.

:( you think? oh god, I should go to a psychologist, but I've told my mom I want to make an appointment with one and she just thinks I'm crazy (LOL, figuratively) don't need one :S

Well, yeah, I know it is far easier to say then it's to do. The water only works if your body is able to use it, it's the same reason the give salt tabs to athletes, the salt is a powerful electrolyte, you have to have a comfortable amount of electrolytes in your body for it to use the water.<br />
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I was a soda drinker for a long time, drank them far to often. Since I hardly drink them any more, have leveled out my diet across the whole spectrum, and stopped placing worry where it ought not be, I have felt far less tired. It took almost 1.5 months to get my system to clear and feel better after changing my diet..<br />
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Your welcome!!

First how is your Thyroid?? How is your diet (soda is a major energy reducer) ? Is your diet balanced or very one sided? Reducing Stress is important, try not to let your self worry about things that actually don't matter. Also, do you have something in your thoughts that is just aching to push it's way out? A seemingly dark secret can really take the energy from you. Do you keep your electrolytes up along with a good amount of water?

I think i could drink more water and reduce stress, and of course, exercise!! thank you!!