No Energy

I've always been very tired; even when I used to sleep through the night. I haven't had much energy since I was a kid. Before sleep decided to abandon me, I was looking for ways to increase my energy. Vitamins seemed to work for a while but then I was moving on to caffiene. Now caffiene is my worst enemy.

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I have some of the symptoms, but I'm still not sure. I will have to see a doctor sometime and really find out. I have symptoms of a lot of diseases but no clear diagnosis.<br />
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My family history of illnesses is a super long list. I could have a number of things that seem to run through my family. I'm not sure if fibromyalgia is on that list though.

Try looking up fibromyalgia symptoms....for me it was like someone made up an illness/disease and listed EVERY single thing wrong with me under it! And to be honest, some think it is still NOT a legit problem, and others are sure it is.......I don't care really since there is nothing out to help me with it.<br />
No matter what, at this point in my life it does explain many of my health problems, and it only took one visit to a doctor to be diagnosed. It took my aunt 6 years......(by the way, my grandmother, 2 aunts and my mother all have it as well) perhaps heredity can lean some truth to it's validity?

I have migraines a lot too. And joint pain. One of these days I need to go to a doctor and find out what's wrong. I'm stubborn though =P<br />
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Oh, and you're welcome for the comment.

I just read your comment you left me in the depression experience....Thank You for that! I too, have suffered from severe fatigue most of my life. I am addicted to caffeine as well and suffer from chronic headaches/migraines. I am sure the depression is a part of it. But I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Do you have muscle/joint stiffness or pain? or other unexplained medical problems? Meds have not worked for me, and frankly, I dont want to be on pills the rest of my life so I avoid them like the plague. LOL <br />
When I was younger I got easily addicted to speed, crank, cocaine etc because of the temp feel of energy I got from them. I am long since clean and drug-free but always TIRED, still. Let me know if you find some things that help with the energy. Good Luck....