20 Years Old and Always Tired

I'm 20 and have been a very tired person for the last few years, especially since college started, but during high school as well. There is this fatigue and tiredness that lingers with me all the time. I have a hard time waking up in the morning and would sleep till about 11 am every day if I could. I get enough sleep every night, around 8 hours, yet I still feel like I want more sleep, I am also very lethargic.


I have depression, anxiety, and bpd and I'm sure that there is some blame for the tired feeling in that. I also take medications for this too. I have been trying really hard to find a way to combat the tiredness, and everyone tells me to exercise and everything; I try very hard to get this stuff to go away, maybe I should exercise more... but i am just so lethargic...

I have had bloodwork done to see if I had any medical problems and it doesn't seem that way.


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If it is possible try go to bed at maximum 11:00 pm wake up no later then 8:00 am - do not have dinner too close the time you go to bed...drink a lot of water - 2 showers in a day if you can - add yougut ,fruits and vegetables on your diet and eliminate junk food - have 15 minutes every day exposed to sunlight if u can and take the advantage to breath fresh air during this time - Walk 20 minutes at least twice a week. Chek your matress , is it really comfortable for you? if not change it.....the color of your bedroom wall is also very important , if is it dark change for relaxing colors like light green or beige...keep your bedroom always clean and organized....and think always positively - life is short and beautiful....I was just like u and this little steps changed my life and i never felt tired again....Hope this help u...

Yeah I'm 25 and have suffered from depression and anxiety for a good while too. I find that I am always exhausted too no matter how much I sleep. The tiredness gives me headaches! Its very irritating.<br />
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I take big vitamin tablets that gove me a bit of extra pep during the day.

u could try ginko biloba for concentration, but as far as the tiredness, I would suggest going to your dr and telling him that maybe you need a higher dose of your depression med? or maybe a different med all together for you depression because that one may be making you tired as a side effect. just a suggestion, let me know if i can help...been battling depression for years, it's just a daily thing we have to work out, and sometimes meds work and sometimes they don't.:-(