A Never Ending Journey Of Myself

I think one of the biggest faults the modern man has is not wanting to improve himself. He wants a faster car, and a bigger house and a job that pays him more money, yet very few are looking to improve themselves from the inside.

When I think about what I want out of life, the material 'things' are usually the last on my list. It's a better me that I want, a person I can be 100% happy with, and a me I can say I am truely proud of throughtout. I guess in that sense it makes me different from other's in the sense it is something I am always looking for. I will go out of my way in my search, taking paths less travelled if I think it holds an experience or a lesson I can gain some wisdom from.

It is an eternal search, one I do not know I will find the end of, but it is one in which all the hardships will mean nothing to the end reward; a better me.
TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp
26-30, M
2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Am going nuts......................with tryin to explore this!!???

Google "will to pleasure", "will to power", and "will to meaning".

Umm why?

Such information may 'improve' you? I would have thought you'd be interested.