It Destroyed My Ambition..

My parents are immigrants from Vietnam who decided to live in Europe to create a better future. As they have dealt with poverty, hunger, humiliation and lack of education, they want the best for me, although they occasionally freak out in this. They expect me to be the perfect future mother and wife, to be polite and to respect everyone, be graceful at any time, to get straight As and get a medical degree.

I remember the day when my dad freaked out when he looked over my grade list, which contained mostly As and Bs, and one or two lousy Cs. He beat me, and since then has started putting more and more pressure on me to get straight As. I tried and tried, but getting straight As for every subject is an impossible feat, and a couple of years ago I decided to quit pleasing them. I have no ambition left, and thus never do my homework.

Everything I do is a mistake in their eyes, and I don't care anymore..

DarkShadowfax DarkShadowfax
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 7, 2010

That is so much pressure to deal with. How did you handle it?

I didn't. Not very good, at least. I came down with health complaints (possibly related to stress) one time, and almost got kicked out by my parents.
But I'm in university now, and I'm doing a lot better at the moment. My parents gave up trying to make me the perfect wife/daughter/God-knows-what.

Yes, Asian parents can be like that. You have to be your own person and be happy with life then everything else will follow.