I'm not just some toy you can use and abuse as and when you please!

I'm a human being I have feelings!

Why don't you want to get to know me? .. I have a good personality, I' m funny. I will laugh at your jokes. I will make you laugh too.

I'm not clingy I won't stop you going out with your friends! I don't get it! Why do you only want to know my body, not me?
xxlouisebaby xxlouisebaby
22-25, F
5 Responses Aug 30, 2014

I'm sorry what happened to you. Might I ask where you go to meet men? In bars and such, there's usually the scum of the men.

I'm sorry your luck with men hasn't been all that great but not all of us are bad guys. There still are some genuine dudes out there


Allow me to ask a question with another question. Do you look for depth in a guy or a chiselled jaw and a six pack?

Don't let them know your body first. Meet different types of men. Ones who love their mothers and have respect for women.