Do I Belong Here

I am 35 years old female,asian.I am with my fiancee now somewhere in europe.I am happy with him.We are very energetic partner when it comes to household chores.No complain about in our relationship.I am just holding tourist visa so I am only allowed to stay with him for only 90 days.I will be leaving on september 19,2010.I never complain for anything but i can feel something from my deepest mind that i need something for myself...i am not materialistic.I just need someone ( except my boyfriend) i can share my thoughts,beliefs,someone i will try to be bad....i mean to tease or naughty,my interest and get some reaction.I joined on facebook but I found it is not for me because i think its just for showing about yourself and most of them talk nonsense.I want someone i can be comfortable to talk to.someone i can be my friend that someday i can meet with my family.i am a person that really treasure friend when they treasure me as i do to them.It is really hard to find a real friend or will it be something about me...hahaha...that is why i want to test myself.i can say i am a good person,i dont hurt others feelings.I am not self-centred.I might be coward to say something bad to others,that is maybe make me different from my friends.and the result is,i am look stupid and loser but deep in my heart i am always happy especially when i am with my 2 kids.It is difficult to hang around or chat with others that has different lifestyle,sometimes i never knew what i have done  wrong and at the end i never did wrong.They just do not really like me ...maybe because i am real.I do not sell myself on this site but that is how i am.I do not want you to pity of me but i wanted you to be come to influence me to explore how to dare people that think they are always right.
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