Set off by just about anything sensual/sexual... I can read a story, see a picture or show, even think a thought that is less than pure and wammana... I'm soaked... totally wet and in need of new panties... doesn't seem to be a problem though..
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glad its not a problem to you. Its a delight to me just thinking of it.

I would love to see that

I love it when I see a woman who soaks through her panties. There is nothing like that feeling of moving your hand down towards a woman's ***** and feeling how completely needy and soaked it is.

So if a male ******** was in the building doing his thing .You ladies would slide off your seats with happiness?

I often wish I would let loose in my panties, but alas I don't.

I'm the same way!

LMAO!! U'r tooooo cute!!

Well that's just plain arousing! JUst doggone, arousing. I'll be durned, if I ain't aroused!