i dont know what it is but i have a HUGE sex drive! I LOVE seXXX and i am ALWAYS wet. (im not complaining) it gets to the point where sumtimes i do have to change my panties. it doesnt really bother me, it just makes seXXX way easier. no lubricants or lotions or anything like that. i love my wetness...hahaha

lusciousdammit lusciousdammit
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I love ur story of being dropping wet! Yum

if you are like my ex gf? i could work over her sensitive thick nipples and she would be soaking wet! it seemed her nipples were hard wired to her ***** ! a wet juicy ***** is one of lifes best pleasures! mmmmm

That's so hot a wet ***** is one of the best things in the world


hey i would love to see that add me on skype carlos67733

without knickers its scary and hot. i have to keep wiping myself<br />

Love that you get wet to the point where you have to change your panties. And I bet it is very exciting for any man or woman that gets to finger you during your day. I wonder if sometimes men would be able to smell your arousal. So sexy. A woman can never be too wet.

wouls love to taste that sweet juice.

You have no Idea how blessed you are!!! older women can't get wet!Enjoy it while you've got it!!!

omg what a hot thought, must rub myself now..

omg what a hot thought, must rub myself now..

I love it too...i want you to be wet alys...and i would lick it all the time...mmmmmuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaahhh

Delivious.... mmmmmmmmmm...<br />
i wouid like to chat with you baby.

and promptly forgot the link, here:<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/uw.php?e=842905" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

Wow, that is inspiring. What can I say, I am magnetically drawn to women like you.<br />
That is why I am so hung and learned so much about women and men, check out my experience how I discovered this gift I have.

I bet your partners love your wetness, too.

Very convenient - a p*ssy that is always wet.

I hope you have a love ror 2 to help keep you cleaned up. I would offer if I lived closer, nothing better than a hot wet pu$$y!

Your lovers are very lucky!

Does it make you laugh when a guy asks you if you're ready? You sound like you're always ready! Glad you're in touch with your sexuality (I know, Captain Obvious right?)!