Oh My Lord...

I've been seeing those groups around for the entire two years that I have been on EP and they never fail to vex me. A million questions run through my mind...

Those men that create groups about WANTING to see their wives blow other guys or screw with another guy in front of them... Do their wives know about those desires? Are they okay with them? If so, what the hell is wrong with them? Or do the guys just fantasize about that stuff in secret for the sake of their marriage?

Are those men the sweet, caring, loving, respectable husbands in real life and then they come on EP and holy ****, their true desires are revealed? If they are gentlemen in real life, then was Emilie Autumn right when she said that gentlemen aren't really nice?

For those men who delight in posting naked pictures of their wives, do their wives know about that? Are they okay with it? That's their naked body being seen and observed by many different men at the request of their husbands. Are they aware that the pictures they allow their husband to take of them posing naked don't remain private and between the two of them?

It also makes me wonder, were I to get married one day... Will one of those wives be me? If my husband had an EP account unbeknownst to me and mine to him, will he talk about me that way in spite of how lovely and caring he treats me in real life? Will I be fooled by his romantic demeanor towards me and let him sweep me off my feet, completely unaware of what I truly mean to him and what he desires of me? What kind of guy will I REALLY marry? What side of him will I fail to see before it's too late? Or will I get lucky and marry a guy who is not only a decent husband on the outside, but on the inside too? How will I know?
deadmoon deadmoon
22-25, F
May 20, 2012