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When I was growing up I was spanked for punishment! I was always kind of embarrassed to say anything to friends because I thought I was one of the few! After reading stories, I think all my friends were probably getting their butt's spanked too!
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You are probably right!

How often were you spanked?

Two words: QUITE OFTEN. My mother was a strict disciplinarian, but fair. You didn't get her paddle unless you deserved it.


vegascowboy - as you have said, our mothers were much alike. They were on-the-spot spankers and if there were others around, too bad. My mom was a den mother when the older of my younger two brothers were in Cub Scouts. He was in a "mood" that afternoon when she called him to come do "The Living Circle".

"Oh, you don't want me," he answered.

That was all my mom had to hear. She pulled her hairbrush out of her purse and my brother's pants down, I was across the room doing my homework and the other Cub Scouts were witnesses to the spanking as well. He had tears in his eyes when my mother hauled him back to the others.


Why did you get SPANKED?

One word: MISBEHAVIOR. This does not necessarily "teach respect and build character" as you say. I thought (and so did many of my peers) that spankings show them that big people can hit but little ones cannot. How many spanked little kids grow into big ones and beat up little kids on the playground, or still later become parents and beat on their OWN kids? Countless.


Most of the best people did get spanked! It teaches respect and builds character! Want to talk more? mjldoc

Those that didn't were the exception rather than the norm. I know. I was one of the "norm".

i was spank all the time growning up i was last spank by parents when i was 19

I was surprised to find how common it still is, considering its not socially acceptable anymore in the US, and in some places in the US as well as other countries, its illegal.

It's not illegal in any of the US.

I was kind of relieved when I found this site and also quite taken back by what I was readig on this site. Shocked & relieved at the same time. Either way it was a good feeling to know that my siblings and myself were not rare in the belt dept, but far from!!!

They probably were...

Some wish they still were... ;-)

Spanking was normal at my house, I think about half my friends were spanked and all of them knew I got spanked. Mom always told people when I got a punishment.

So did my Mom. I got spanked in the stores a lot because I would put something in the cart behind her back; she would put it back and I would try to put it in my pocket; she would catch me and I would get paddled right there with my panties down. There was always somebody - stranger or friend - who saw my red eyes and downturned mouth and they would ask first me, then my mom, what was wrong. I never answered - no kid will admit to a public spanking - but Mom would say, "She's mad because she got a spankin' in the store." or "She go a lickin' for being bad." I wanted to die during those times.

Definitely...my mom went beyond that and would bring it up at dinner if I'd been spanked any time recently, and would expect me to explain myself and what had happened.