Intuition-Knowing beyond logic
sinathamby sinathamby
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The mind is more powerful than most realize! Mind over matter!

I am for the no mind or call it the universal mind, an individual mind is only an ego and we all have it

Knowing.... doubtless, beyond certainty and a certain joyful peace.

Yes, a peace beyond understanding.

Do you follow your intuition and trust it ?

Very much

Wonderful :) I do also. It is such a wonderful gift.

Intuition - trusting your inner voice and believing in it. Our own truth :)

Yeah,great. A tuition from the inside

I think we all have varying levels of intuition
Perhaps our ancestors had more then we do today though.
From an evolutionary perspective Sin, we would have needed intuition more when life was about survival and finding your next meal.

If one's life is about survival and finding the next meal,it is only instinct but intuition is only when one has lived a rich live

is instinct a part of intuition, I actually thought it was somewhat related

Instinct is animal behaviour and intuition is something inner which happens that when you sit silently for a solution or problem,then it happens or insights happens,it is not borrowed.

In actuality it is one but we divide to make one understand.It is consciousness but it is difficult to understand consciousness hence,the unconsciousness,the cosmic consciousness, collective unconsciousness.and the cosmic super consciousness.

So when you know something before it happens is intuition alone? I am asking as I don't know

One cannot know things before it happens but when one is aware,one can infer but that is not intuition.

Tuition is something we get from other but intuition is inner and it is so subtle I find it difficult into words.

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