The Grandeur .... The Mystery .... The Lesson Learned

All through history humans have gazed in awe at the starry heavens and wondered .

 And though now we have the technology that give us a better understanding of the universe , the understanding is still limited at best . 

As I began to read about it ,  one thing  seemed apparent , that the more we learn about the cosmos , the scantier our knowledge appears  .

I was in awe as I read about the red giants, supernovas, black holes and quasars . What  fantastic mysteries  to be studied and examined ... a frontier that has yet to be fully discoverd or fully  understood .

When I go out now at night and lay there star gazing I have a new appreciation for what I see , and the stars I see are even that much more beautiful to me

But if it is one lesson I learned , one lesson that cannot be taught in the books I have poured over, it is the simple truth of how small I am in this great big picture.

How tiny my little life and the problems that go with it seem in comparison to this enormous galaxy ... and in turn how quick my own lifetime seems compared to the time that those stars have been shining down ...

It makes me appreciate the time I have here on this earth a little more , makes me want to accomplish more with it  ... and makes the obstacles , that at one time seemed insurmountable ...  smaller and less significant .


Most of our energy goes into upholding our importance. If we were capable of losing some of that importance, two extraordinary things would happen to us. One, we would free our energy from trying to maintain the illusory idea of our grandeur; and two, we would provide ourselves with enough energy to catch a glimpse of the actual grandeur of the universe."

~ Carlos Castaneda







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Wasnt that a great quote .... yes our perception needs always to be sharp ... sharp enough to see what is sometimes mistaken as unimportant , when in reality is the most importatnt of all... ahh la la good wolf is commenting on my stories again ...yayayayay ..... =-D

Yes what you have said is easier said than done!! It demands great attitude to have that perception in life!! None has come closer to what carlos has said!!

ahh yes ... the heavens is the vast mostly undiscovered place ... and its the mystery and freedom it represents that I truly love....thank you scribs for commenting =-)

I think we are we are lucky to see and appreciate this cosmos that we are a tiny part of..there is nothing more humbling than to look at the countless stars up above.Well written,Sweetie.. :)

[*8fd hugs softkitti back...]

Thank you Soozle ..yes that quote is one of my favorites , *giggles* .. I must admit at times I let myself drown in my life ...but really soozles the thought of my place in the universe always shakes me dry and puts both my little feet right on the ground where they belong ...thank you for commenting darling *hugs soozle*<br />
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ahhh burroughs ... yes 8 that is a great quote as well really sums it up no?...I love it .. thank you 8 *hugs 8 *

the further I peer into the cosmos...the deeper I see into myself - John Burroughs

So true, Kitti. We are so small, and so ..insignificant. But our sense of self importance enables us to do so much harm. I love the quote.